img2Dear Friends, 

Our vedic culture is unique and a singular in the world.  When entire world was totally enveloped in the darkness of ignorance, at that time Vedic Seers were imparting the knowledge of Vedas. We Indians taught the entire world without discriminating caste, colour and creed making their character as a model. It shows that our Indian mind is unique one. Rigveda is the first book of the World that is why it imparts lession not only to Indian society but to the entire World to be good human being, i.e., Manur Bhave, what we call “Manusya Bano”.
Our aim and objectives of DAV institution to make a good citizen by giving Vedic and Western knowledge. In present scenario youth is lacking good conduct in society. A person without good conduct neither can be a good human being nor can be adorable in the society. Nachiketa is a model character in Kathopnisad who is noted for his rejection of material desires which are ephemeral. If our youth will follow this message certainly will be a complete human being. Our institution is also committed to provide technical knowledge as well as moral values to our students who are the future of the country which is the need of the hour.

                                                                                                                                           Dr. Kam Dev Jha