The Syllable and word stress  B.A 2nd (4th Sem.)

Word Stress Part 1

Word Stress Part 2

Word Stress Part 3

Modals     Modals (B.A 1st 2nd sem English)

Grammar    english

M.A. English (F)  The Sun Also Rises

B.A. 2 Semester   IMG-20200330-WA0147

Swan Song

The Monkey’s Paw

The Sleep Walkers

English Grammar (Articles)     Articles (English Grammar)

English Grammar (Active-Passive Voice)   English Grammar (voice)

English Grammar (Modals)   Modals (English Grammar)

Duchess of Malfi      Duchess Of Malfi


Synonymous and antonyms    List of Synonymous and Antonyms ( B.A 1st sem 2nd)Important..

R.K. Narayan M.A. (P)   R.K. Narayan (M.A English Previous)

Precis writing    Precis Writing

Early age and Medival Literature   Early age and Medival literature

Precis Writing   Precis Writing (English Grammar)

Short Answer Question    SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS (English)

V. S. Naipaul (M.A. (P)     V.S. Naipaul (M.A. English previous)

Grammar    Grammar      1_Class note HU101 (Module -1 Grammar -Voice and Narration)  Active and Passive voice Active Passive voice   Grammar

Feminism (M.A. Final)    Feminisms (M.A English final)

Summarising/Abstracting    summarising

Salman Rushdie  Salman Rushdie

Punctuation  Basic Punctuation Rules     Punctuation B.A. 1st 2nd sem

Robert Nozick   Robert Nozick

Tenses    TENSES (1)

Intonation    Intonation

The Movement   THE MOVEMENT

William Shakespeare      William Shakespeare’s Hamlet.(M.A English)

Book Review   Book Review