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Code of conduct for Non-Teaching Staff

Code of conduct for Non-Teaching Staff

  • Loyalty to the College by being punctual and responsible in all duties.
  • To attend the students grievances and act promptly.
  • Creating and maintaining strong rapport with the students and staff.
  • Not to indulge in any activity which will damage the image of the institution.
  • To maintain dignity by treating students with compassion and kindness.
  • To respect and honor the dignity of female students/staff.
  • To fulfill responsibilities by meeting the required standards for every assigned task.
  • To practice justice by being committed to the well being of individuals, the wider community and the common good of all.
  • To respect and maintain the hierarchy in administration.
  • To adhere strictly to the official resumption/ closing time and dress decently & appropriately.
  • To refrain from using unauthorized persons to perform official duties.
  • Should follow the instructions/ order passed by the principal/management, in a time bound manner.

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