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Code of Conduct for Teachers

Code of Conduct for Teachers

  • To respect the right and dignity of a student in expressing his/her opinion.
  • To deal justly and impartially with students regardless of their caste, religion, political, economic, social and physical characteristics.
  • To recognize the difference in aptitude and capabilities among students and strive to meet their individual needs.
  • To encourage students to improve their characteristics and at the same time contributing to community welfare.
  • To make themselves available to the students beyond class hours to help and guide students.
  • To treat other faculty members in the same manner as they themselves wish to be treated.
  • To speak respectfully of colleagues and render assistance for professional betterment.
  • To avoid undertaking any other employments i.e. private tuitions and coaching classes, which are likely to interfere with their professional responsibilities.
  • To co-operate in the formulation of policies of the institution by accepting various offices and discharge responsibilities which such offices may demand
  • Teachers should treat the non-teaching staff as equal partners in a cooperative undertaking, within the educational institution.
  • Teachers should help in smooth functioning of joint staff-councils including both teaching and non-teaching staff.
  • Every teacher follow the order passed by the principal for the betterment and upliftment of the institution.

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